PANE D2 POSITION 61 Slectionner une autre langue - andere Sprache whlen  Allemand - deutsch - german Anglais - English - Englisch Français - French - Französisch
The location 61D2 is the first location in the line of stamps above the first line of stamps containing the variety POSTFS. In this line, nver stamps contains the variety POSTFS. However, the varieties of this locations, even if very difficult to determonate, give us a prcious help to determinate a position with the most probability the stamps in pairs, strips or blocs
It is important and usefull to have interest to this stamps.
This location anly contains one state. The veriety is a little spot, located horizontally below the first pearl North West, in the mid of the pearls and the nose.

 Napolon unperforated Yvert # 14 ,  PANE D2 POSITION 61 - first state - N° 1 -

PANE D2 POSITION 61 : first state

first known issue date :    

color of the stamp :     

Variety in this stamp :    a little spot hprizontally of the bottom of the first pearl North West at half way of the pearls and the nose.

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